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Сезон Co. Уровень Место Рейтинг Штраф
19/20 PU WC Kontiolahti 16. 8
19/20 SP WC Kontiolahti 1. 1
19/20 MS WC Nove Mesto 12. 5
19/20 RL WC Nove Mesto 3.
19/20 SP WC Nove Mesto 1. 0

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Denise Herrmann came to biathlon at the advanced age of 27 after a successful career as a cross-country skier where she won an Olympic Relay Bronze medal. The cross-country specialist showed future promise by winning her first-ever IBU Cup competition, the Beitostolen sprint, despite racking up six penalties. By the end of her first full biathlon season, Herrmann was promoted to the BMW IBU World Cup. She opened the 2017/18 season with her first World Cup wins, a sprint/pursuit double in Oestersund. Herrmann has improved each season since those first wins; winning IBU World Championship Sprint Gold and Mass Start Bronze medals in 2019. The 2019/20 season saw Herrmann add three more BMW IBU World Cup victories, the first two clean-shooting days of her young career and a career high third place in the World Cup Total Score.

Herrmann’s easy smile and calm demeanor cloak her calling card, irrepressible ski speed, which she can unleash at any moment, making her rivals look like they are standing still as she flies past.