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19/20 MS WCH Antholz 7. 3
19/20 RL WCH Antholz 1.
19/20 IN WCH Antholz 1. 1
19/20 PU WCH Antholz 4. 2
19/20 SP WCH Antholz 3. 0

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Martin Fourcade has been the dominant name in biathlon since the 2011-12 season when he won his first of seven consecutive World Cup Total Score titles. In addition to the seven big Crystal Globes, Fourcade has also won 24 small Crystal Globes, sweeping all four disciplines on four occasions. He has won 10 individual IBU World Championships’ titles plus five Gold and two Silver medals in the Olympic Winter Games. Fourcade is known as a tenacious competitor, constantly challenging himself to reach new goals.

How did you get into biathlon?

I started with cross country skiing at the age of 6, then I tried biathlon and I have never stopped shooting since then.

What is the most fascinating thing about biathlon?

I love the duality of the sports, it's a two sided sport with the power and physicality of skiing and the calm and mental aspect of shooting. You are always trying to improve.

What was your best day in biathlon?

My best day in biathlon was the pursuit at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games . It changed me as a man forever because on that day I was able to reach my last sports dream.

Do you have a role model in biathlon or any other sport? Why?

I'm a big fan of sport; and I had a lot of inspirations from Frode Andresen for skiing technique, Raphaël Poirée for his mental strength, Ole Einar for his dominance. But when I was younger, my only model was my brother because I was inspired by how much work he did.

If you were not a biathlete, who would you be?

I could never answer that question; my life today was made by biathlon.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is "Fabio Montale" by Jean Claude Izzo.

What is your our biggest dream in biathlon?

I already have it!

My perfect day off from biathlon is…

A cold and sunny winter day, training and going back home to have a good time with my family.

My favorite biathlon venue is…

Antholz, because the nature is amazing and it's always good snow conditions and good weather. Moreover the atmosphere is great!

Your favorite travel destination after the season?

Sunny and relaxing. I can't choose between the Seychelles and Tahiti of the places I have already visited.