Gender Equality

The IBU Gender Equality in Sports Leadership Seminar will be held in Warsaw, Poland on 24-26 May.

The three-day seminar is being organised by the IBU in partnership with AIOWF and the Polish Biathlon Association with the aim of developing solutions to improve gender equality and empower women leaders within biathlon. It is the first time a women-focused conference has been held in winter sports and around 100 participants from 54 countries are expected to attend.

The full agenda for the seminar will be unveiled shortly. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this seminar, National Federations are kindly asked to delegate one representative to attend. To register for the event please click here. In order to make the seminar as productive as possible, the IBU is asking National Federations and athletes to complete a short survey. The National Federation survey can be found here and the athlete survey here.

The main goals of the seminar are to:

• Ensure better visibility of female role models across all areas of biathlon – Executive Boards, National Federations, Organising Committees and Teams

• Promote women and sport leadership networks

• Involve mentors and experts to advise women on career progression

Experts from across sport, government and academia will attend the seminar and present international best practice in the field of gender equality. Practical case-studies will be shared and different perspectives on the best approaches will be provided. There will also be expert-discussion panels that will further the debate. The intention is to is to provide a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas and inspire women leaders on an international level.

The seminar is the latest step taken by the IBU in fulfilling its commitment to promoting gender equality and ensuring it has a diverse leadership. Biathlon prides itself on being a sport which provides equal opportunities to male and female athletes both in terms of competition places and prize money. However, the IBU recognises more can be done and is focused on providing equal opportunities and representation of women at a leadership level.